Treating Gum Recession

Put a stop to gum recession with special treatments from professional periodontists at our clinic. Also known as receding gums and gingival recession, this condition is described by an exposure of the teeth roots and/or the recession of the gingival margin (gum line) from the teeth’s crown. Although a receding gum line is pretty common in adults over the age of 40, it can also happen among teenagers or older children aged 10 and up.

When gums recede, the teeth can become very sensitive. It can also affect your smile if it occurs in a tooth or teeth at the front of your mouth. But we can change that. If you wish to restore your gums’ health and reverse gum recession, contact our Sydney dental clinic at (02) 9809 6888.

Treating gum recession - Putney Periodontics

Top Causes of Receding Gums


The most common causes of receding gums are over enthusiastic brushing with a scrubbing technique. Scrubbing too hard causes the enamel at the gum line to be worn away. Flossing too aggressively may also cut into the gums. Many people are guilty of these and fail to realise it. The more these incorrect practices are observed, the higher the chances for receding gums. Apart from brushing and flossing your teeth the right way, you should also make sure that you brush and floss several times a day.

Moreover, plaque build-up around the gums can also lead to gum recession. In some cases, gum recession can be managed conservatively with changing your oral hygiene habits. However, in more severe cases, a gum graft to cover the exposed root surface may be needed.



By covering the root surface, you get to benefit from the following:


  • Improvement in the look of your smile
  • Reduced sensitivity when drinking or eating cold foods
  • Reduction in pain when brushing
  • Higher chances of preventing gums from receding further in the future

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