Regrowing Lost Bone with Bone Grafting Techniques

Prepare your mouth for dental implants with bone grafting techniques used to regenerate bone tissue. When teeth are lost a natural healing process occurs which results in the loss of surrounding bone at that site. In particular, teeth which have been lost for a long time as a result of infection or trauma, are usually associated with more extensive loss of bone in the affected area. This complicates implant treatment and is a reason why you should not leave an infected tooth in your jaw.

Bone grafting techniques - Putney Periodontics

In fact, a solid bone structure is a major prerequisite for receiving dental implants. It is the one that serves as your foundation for dental restoration. Should you find that your bone is too weak to support an implant, come to us and speak with a Sydney dentist. Here at Putney Periodontics, we can do something to help your body regrow lost bone with a cutting-edge surgical procedure called bone grafting.

Who Is in Need of Bone Grafting?

Due to the natural process of healing, a bone graft at the time of extraction should be a consideration if you are planning to go for implant therapy in the future. A bone graft is made from the patient’s bone, a donor bone or synthetic materials. As time passes, the body’s own bone will grow to effectively substitute the grafted material.

Aside from those who have lost a tooth or have been missing teeth for many years, bone grafts are necessary for patients whose existing bone are simply unable to support a dental implant. It could be because they have a bony defect of some sort, wherein they are naturally missing a portion of bone. The bone grafting procedure is also applicable to people whose jawbones are too narrow or shallow, and thus unable to hold up implants.

Bone Graft Benefits

There are so many advantages of using a dental bone graft. We have listed the top reasons for bone graft surgery below:

  • Increases the chances of a dental implant being possible later
  • Can reduce the need for future bone grafting which can be more time-consuming and expensive
  • There is no added discomfort to the wound during the healing phase

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