Exposure of Impacted Canines for Orthodontics

Find a solution to impacted Canines with a unique orthodontic treatment from Putney Periodontics. Backed by up-to-date research and cutting-edge tools, our team of dental professionals are skilled in the processes required to carefully expose the tooth and fully extract it.

Exposure impacted canines for orthodontics - Putney Periodontics

What Exactly Are Impacted Canines?

In general terms, impacted teeth are those that are blocked, buried and unable to emerge properly. Third molars or wisdom teeth as they are more widely known as are viewed as the most susceptible to impaction. Upper canines or maxillary teeth come in at a close second.


Impacted canines occur in up to 2% of the population. When this happens, the canines (commonly called eye teeth, fangs and cuspids) are stuck high up in the jaw. They may seem harmless now and do not need immediate treatment but they sure can create problems in the long term.

In young children, these teeth may not come down into place on their own, if left untreated. The appearance of missing teeth may cause a loss of confidence at such an early age and may continue well into adulthood. Furthermore, when left too long, impacted Canines will be more difficult to treat later on.

Importance of Periodontal Surgery

Fortunately, a combination of surgical exposure and orthodontic banding will enable the tooth to be pushed into place. At Putney Periodontics, we specialise in the imaging and surgical exposure of these teeth which will allow the orthodontic treatment to bring the tooth into position.

We begin with an X-ray test to determine the exact location of the impacted Canines inside the mouth. Once we have a clear target, we create a space in the dental arch to expose the impacted tooth. Upon exposure, we bond an attachment that uses a traction to reposition the tooth in the dental arch.

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