Corrective Surgery For Periodontitis

Renew the state of your gums with corrective surgery today. In more extensive scenarios, minor gum correction or surgery may be required in order to reduce the periodontitis infection. In cases where gum infection has caused a defect in the surrounding bone, surgical treatment can be combined with regenerative therapy which may allow the regeneration of lost bone.

For some people with periodontitis, all they require is a non-invasive tartar removal therapy. This involves scaling off the tartar deposits beneath the gum line. Achieved by the use of breakthrough instrumentation, the process is followed by an advanced plaque remover in the form of air polishing. When plaque on teeth hardens, it turns into tartar, which only dentists can take out. That is why we encourage plaque removal at the early stage.

Corrective surgery periodontitis - Putney Periodontics

Here at Putney Periodontics in Sydney, we have a Periodontist to perform corrective surgery. All of our staff are thoroughly trained in the techniques involving this surgical procedure. Aside from replacing and regrowing lost bone due to accelerated gum disease, the objective of this procedure is to enhance the aesthetics of the gums.

It is common for patients to be administered with local anaesthesia to numb the periodontal tissues. Sometimes, they are either intravenously or consciously sedated during corrective surgery.

The Benefits of Corrective Surgery

  • In many cases, teeth with a poor chance of survival may be prolonged for years when given the option of surgical therapy
  • Healing following surgery is usually quite good with minimally invasive surgical techniques – antibiotics are not even required
  • Surgical treatments can be combined with the application of bio-materials which can help regenerate lost gum and bone attachment to the tooth.

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