Comprehensive Oral Examination

Even if you have an enviable set of teeth and a bright smile, you are still advised to undergo a comprehensive oral examination. There are many things that may go unnoticed to you but can alarm dental professionals. Also, you might be surprised to find out that the slight discomfort you experience could point to an underlying disease or the onset of one.

Comprehensive oral examination - Putney Periodontics
  • On your first consultation your gums are examined in relation to the rest of your mouth.
  • During this visit, a thorough review is conducted of your medical status including current medications, previous and existing illnesses and other relevant information in your dental history
  • Some important medical conditions and associated medications can affect the gum and bone tissues, such as osteoporosis and diabetes.
  • A complete oral examination involves detection of gum infection or gum inflammation by using a small measuring instrument called a probe. This is placed between the teeth and gums to determine the existence of spaces, known as periodontal pockets. The presence of a periodontal pocket is a key indicator of active periodontal disease.
  • Other areas of assessment include teeth and bone tissue, specifically the extent of bone loss and degree of teeth loosening.
  • Rest assured that the oral examination will be completed with minimal discomfort and zero pain.
  • Once the oral examination is completed, a detailed consultation follows. We begin by discussing with you how and why periodontitis is affecting your gums. We also tell you what you can do to stop the process as well as walk you through the treatment options available.
  • If you have missing teeth, or are about to lose one or more, we will gladly show you your options for replacement. We usually recommend dental implants and other tried-and-tested alternatives.

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