Healthy gums – the key to maintaining teeth

Periodontics: A Short Definition and Overview

What is Periodontics? Periodontics is a specialised area of dentistry that involves a high level of understanding of the structures which support and retain teeth within our jaws. These structures include not just the gums, but also the ligament and the surrounding socket bone, collectively known as the periodontium.

Services Putney Periodontics

Our knowledge and understanding of the above mentioned structures allow our team of Periodontists to provide professional services. These include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Comprehensive oral examination
  2. Treatment of gummy smiles
  3. Receding gums treatment
  4. Tooth replacement – dental implants (replacing missing teeth)
  5. Regrowing lost bone with bone grafting techniques
  6. Conservative management of gum disease
  7. Corrective surgery for periodontitis
  8. Oral hygiene instructions
  9. Exposure of impacted canines for Orthodontics

Why Choose Putney Periodontics?

As top Putney dental care experts, we conduct oral examinations and procedures with precision and confidence. Patients looking for a dentist in Ryde have made us their go-to dental clinic for our exceptional corrective and cosmetic dentistry services, efficient customer service and excellent rates.

Located in Sydney, our team has access to the latest innovations designed to identify and treat various dental problems. As experts in the field of periodontics, we believe that healthy gums are the foundation of a healthy mouth.

In addition, we focus a lot on preventive care to help patients maintain and improve their oral health. Rest assured our team can spot symptoms that may relate to a teeth, gum or jaw disorder in the future. With early detection, mild issues do not turn into risky complications, thus giving you a wider range of options for treatments.

Contact a Sydney Periodontist

For more information on our offerings, please do not hesitate to call us at (02) 9809 6888. You may also book an appointment with our friendly staff. Our operating hours are from 8AM-6PM on Tuesdays and 8AM-4PM on Saturdays.

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