Caring for your gums

Putney Periodontics Meadowbank

You can trust Putney Periodontics to look after the people of Meadowbank. The team are a group of Periodontal Specialists dedicated to correcting your teeth and smile. If you have any dental concerns or need more information regarding Periodontics and dental implant treatment services – then call (02) 9809 6888.


Meadowbank Periodontal Procedures

Our team of periodontists specialise in effective treatments that will save your teeth and gums. Periodontal disease or gum disease are painful and detrimental. They are the leading cause of tooth loss in Australia! At our Meadowbank clinic, we offer modern conservative therapies that can correct and prolong the contents of your mouth.

Meadowbank Dental Implants

Replacing teeth can be difficult and painful – lucky for your Putney Periodontics are specialists in Dental implants. These implants are a successful treatment option for the replacement of missing teeth. Putney Periodontics will make sure we choose the right alternative for your mouth by undertaking an extensive planning stage prior to implementing any dental implants.

“Our vision is to help patients achieve optimal gum health, and the maintenance of teeth by providing an outstanding level of professional care ”

Dr. Jeremy Vo


Our Technology

With the latest in dental technology – Putney Periodontics have perfected newer techniques for treating periodontal problems. This means a more effective procedure in a smaller amount of time and pain.

Your First Visit

We understand and empathise with the first visit nerves. Come to Putney Periodontics for a mindful and painless first visit. You’ll be included in all of our periodontal treatments and planning to make sure you have the pest experience possible.

Patient Referrals

Encourage your friends to seek our Putney Periodontics services. Get their mouth feeling as healthy as yours will. To refer a patient to Putney Periodontics for a consultation, CALL(02) 9809 6888.

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